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Intensive Outpatient Program
For Addictions

Face-to-face - Virtual

San Juan Puerto Rico
Misty Slopes

Interdisciplinary Team

Psychiatrist and Addiction Specialist; Doctors in Individual and Family Psychology;  Social Worker with Master's Degree 

Integrated Approach

Focused on biological, psychological, social and spiritual well-being

Evidence-Based Treatment

It is one of the few addiction programs in Puerto Rico directed by specialists in psychiatry and addiction medicine and that follows the recommendations of the National Institute of Substance Abuse

Confidential and Secure

For your confidentiality and security we combine face-to-face and virtual therapies

Alternativas IOP

Intensive Outpatient Program

Alternativas IOP is a private program specialized in addictions with more than 10 years of experience.   We have specialized doctors certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine nationwide.  We combine individual, family, group, family group, blockers, and non-addictive psychiatric medications that are medically necessary. 

Sobre Nosotros

Our services

  • Multiple integrated therapy modalities  focused on treating  all the mental illnesses of the patient, in addition to their addictions

  • Therapies include:

    • Medical evaluation with periodic laboratories and toxicology

    • Addiction Medicine and Psychiatric Evaluation

    • Evaluation by a psychologist and social worker

    • Multiple therapy modalities including substance blockers such as Naltrexone, Disulfiram and Buprenorphine

  • We guide the close support family member approved by the patient.  This support is essential in the short and long term and we guide you as to how to offer it.

  • Some family members who need therapy will refer to professionals who collaborate with our program.

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Treatment process

  1. The patient is evaluated, and we determine if they qualify for the Alternatives IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) program or for an augmented outpatient program EOP (Enhansed Outpatient Program)

  2. Initially the therapies add between 6 to 12 hours per week for one to three months for the IOP
    or 1-3 hours per week in an EOP. 

  3. The therapies decrease in frequency and intensity as the patient achieves abstinence, and begins to recover well-being.

  4. The IOP is transformed into an EOP program (3 hours per week) and then to a regular one of monthly appointments

  5. Finally, the patient is referred again to the primary psychiatrist who referred him for long-term maintenance.

Proceso de Tratamiento

Coming Soon: Treatment Facilities

 Offices in Cupey, San Juan, PR

Our comfortable facilities are being remodeled where a program with multiple integrated therapies is offered and offered by nationally certified specialists in the specialty of addictions.  



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